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This web page gives access to New Mexico District Court, Magistrate Court, Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court and Municipal Court data.

To search the old Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court case data [click here ].

District and Magistrate case information is updated every other day. It is, therefore, current to within 48 hours of the time data is entered into a court’s database. Cases filed prior to the completion of the statewide court automation project in June 1997, may exist in a database, depending on the individual court.

However, if you are looking for cases filed prior to 1997 and do not find information on the web page, you should call the court directly.

Municipal court data is limited to Domestic Violence and DWI historic convictions from September 1, 1991 onwards.

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Please Note: If you are using the Name field for your search, it is now necessary to enter at least 2 names or initials, for example "SMITH M" or "SMITH Mary" instead for just "SMITH". This new requirement was added to speed up your search and improve the overall performance of the Case Lookup System.

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